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FreeSpace is a social media platform focused on the POWER OF POSITIVITY that entrepreneurs and families can be proud of.


FreeSpace's Culture is rooted in VRS (Value Reward Systems). Incentivizing, highlighting and rewarding good habits and healthy online interactions.

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How The App Works




The FreeSpace Actions are backed by science to positively reinforce good habits & make the world a better place. VRS is the ability to focus on FINDING COMMON VALUES and highlighting them, so people become "addicted" to doing good. FreeSpace encourages the public to share the daily actions & content they believe will add value to their lives and model healthy habits for others to duplicate. 

Activity Wall

Users post their activities to the activity wall so friends can comment and encourage their progress. Activity cards stack to create a consolidated wall to drive engagement and introduce sponsorships.



  1. Allows users to see who else has tracked the same actions.

  2. Like, Comment, and share cards to people in the app and on social media


Join or

Create Rooms

Rooms allow FreeSpace users to connect and engage with each other in their own micro-community. Roomsallow users to communicate, post media, and collectively track their actions.


  1. Make rooms invite only or tag based 

  2. Create events for your room and monetize those events.

  3. Communicate within your room as an admin.

Follow Your Favorite Channels

Post any type of content including: articles, blogs, video, pdf’s, etc. Full customize your channel and utilize the tags management system to post content relevant to specific demographics. 



  1. Ability to post, share and view content on your platform

  2. Includes text, PDF’s, video, audio, call to actions buttons

  3. Comment and like posts

  4. Share posts to social media



Encrypted Chat

Chat is a fast, stable, scalable encrypted communication tool with a modern UI. Individual chat, group chats, or 1-way ‘broadcast’ message capabilities make this a unique and powerful feature.



  1. Chat using smart tags

  2. Upload text, video, picture, GIF, and location

  3. In / out of app push notifications

Advanced Profiles

Enhance your gamification by highlighting users statistics. Profiles display their action stats, content they have completed, and badges they have achieved.



  1. User will be able to see the number of friends, following and followers

  2. User will be able to follow, add as a friend and block a user

  3. See behavior stats (actions, badges, posts, etc).

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